ARCpoint Labs


Franchise Fee: $54,500
Royalty: 7%
Total Investment: $199,650 – $304,750
Can Be Home Based: No
Founded: 1996
Franchised: 2006
VetFran Member: Yes

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ARCpoint Labs is a comprehensive testing laboratory that offers a wide range of testing services to both businesses and individuals. The franchise opportunity is most suitable for individuals with over 10 years of professional experience in business-to-business sales, consulting, or business ownership. During the first 6 months of operation, franchisees start as a home-based business selling and marketing ARCpoint MD, a tele-health service which offers medical consultations with over 1,300 doctors 24/7 via Skype, video, or telephone. This service helps to reduce businesses’ annual health insurance expenses and can be done without being face-to-face with a physician.Six months later, when the 1,500 sq./ft. lab opens, franchisees can explore different revenue opportunities. They include:

  1. workplace testing such as drug, alcohol, background screens, and D.O.T. consultation
  2. direct-to-consumer testing like paternity, infidelity, STD, personal genetics or other DNA testing
  3. business-to-physician offering multi-testing services to physicians and the medical community
  4. business-to-judicial testing for the court systems, including drug court, pre-trial intervention, social services, immigration, and child custody cases. These services can also be conducted on-site using mobile testing service. Over time, as an area is mastered, the owners will move on to other revenue opportunities until they become the “local testing expert” in their market.

This business model requires the owner to develop a small team of employees, including 1099 sales reps to sell the services. A physical lab of 1,500 sq./ft. plus a mobile testing component is required to operate, with the reasons why others have purchased an ARCpoint franchise include:

  1. it is virtually impossible to duplicate the business
  2. lack of head-to-head competition
  3. requires less than 3 people to operate
  4. gross margin typically run 70% to 80% (shown in FDD)
  5. the business operates 5 days per week, no weekends or holidays.