Franchise Stretch Lab


Franchise Fee: $60,000
Royalty: 7%
Total Investment: $160,300 – $299,260
Can Be Home Based: No Founded: 2015
Franchised: 2018
VetFran Member: No

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Stretch Lab Form

StretchLab’s distinctive and cutting-edge approach to assisted stretching has won the company a large and devoted following across the nation despite the fact that stretching is an age-old practice. The boutique fitness industry’s assisted stretching market is being revolutionized by StretchLab. Stretching is a key component of a healthy lifestyle and a foundational fitness program. Stretching before and after exercise is just as important as getting in a good daily workout if not more so.Flexibility relieves joint stress and reduces overly tight muscles. Additionally, it corrects muscle imbalances, which enhances general fitness and lowers the risk of injury. You can improve your performance in exercises, sports, and daily activities by stretching. It increases your speed and agility while strengthening your muscles, which can be beneficial for daily activities. Consistent stretching can help you avoid future injuries, both minor and major.The assisted stretching offered by StretchLab will still be very beneficial to you even if you don’t regularly exercise. The best way to increase your flexibility is to stretch your muscles frequently. You can run faster, stand straighter, and move better thanks to the personalized stretching services our FLEXOLOGISTS provide one-on-one with each client. You can do it before or after your workout-or at any other time, depending on your preferences and your exercise routine.