The Bagel Dudes

The Bagel Dudes

Franchise Fee: $50,000
Royalty: 7.5%
Total Investment: $172,500 – $305,000
Can Be Home Based:  No

Founded: 2015
Franchised: 2022
VetFran Member: No

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Our set up costs are some of the lowest in the industry due to our ability to bake without ventilation. By not needing ventilation, we have the ability to fit into many different types of spaces with smaller footprints, especially for existing retail space. This minimizes the rent costs as well as costs to build out the spaces. Finding second generation restaurant/cafe space helps reduce these costs even more. Operating a Bagel Dudes location also has it’s cost efficiencies. First, bagel and coffee are some of the lowest cost + highest margin food items in the market. Our training provided to bake the bagels and create our coffee drinks demonstrates just how simple it is to put out our quality and fresh made product on a daily basis. From an additional labor perspective, we have some locations that can operate with as little as two employees at a time which is another reduction of potential costs in our business model.